Medical Specialists are often on the move across multiple locations and at all hours. The ability to manage a specialist medical practice requires close collaboration between themedical robot3 specialists and his/her management team. At the centre of a number of these practices is a specialised Medical Practice Management System.

Lateral Plains was one of the first companies to provide virtual hosting of Medical Practice Management Systems.

Our services:

  • eliminate the need for specialist practices to host and maintain their own server hardware

  • provide access to Medical Practice Management System from wherever the team is located and has access to the Internet;

  • Provide tailored levels of support from basic updating, maintenance and backups to full managed desktop and systems support.


We are also working closely with My Family Web Doctor  in respect of cloud based teemedicine solutions.

How It Works

Our Medical Practice Management System hosting is functionally very similar to regular Client<->Server setups. However, instead of having many Practice Management Systems Clients installed on many individual machines, the Clients on our systems run from a single Remote Desktop server which can be accessed over the Internet. The Practice Management Server is then placed behind the Remote Desktop server.

On top of this, our servers are all virtualised. This makes our servers easy to backup and not tied to the physical hardware underneath, allowing us to expand, shrink or migrate easily. Additionally, our virtualisation platform allows us to easily move the Practice Management Server between data centres or into a local server setup if required.



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