gfandlf smlOne of the region’s most highly respected Information and Communications Technology (ICT) specialists, and founder of Lateral Plains, George Fong, will be passing on his leadership in this respected organisation to a member of the new generation of ICT specialists and professionals.

For many years the Information Superhighway we refer to as the Internet has been closely associated with Lateral Plains and its founder George Fong. Today we see George stepping aside from the CEO role and his 27 year old protege and son, Luke taking it over.

“The technical world that we live in is fast moving and progress is exponential. I’m sure I could stay in the driving seat for a little longer. But it’s an important thing for leaders to be catapults for the next generation. It’s my good fortune to have a next generation professional I both trust and admire to be able to take over the pilot’s seat,” George said.

Luke who has forged his own way into the IT world, first by studying ICT in Deakin and Federation University Australia, followed by numerous professional roles with IBM and Newcrest Mining, where he was a technical and support specialist for Newcrest’s national and international mining operations. Luke joined Lateral Plains as a technical specialist in 2013 after the company had expanded and made some small acquisitions. He worked his way up to his current role as operations manager and now oversees the daily operations of the company.

Luke is excited about his promotion to CEO, having admired his father’s ability to captivate and educate on the ICT scene on both a local and national basis.

“My father has been my professional mentor for a long time, enabling me to obtain both a technical and business perspective which few people in this industry would have been exposed to. He has a constant focus on the social impact of technology, especially in regional areas, which has very much become the DNA of Lateral Plains,” he said.

George will remain a chief consultant, strategist and essential part of the technical team, ensuring his expertise remain accessible to clients and stakeholders, ensuring the strategic consultancy work remains a core business focus for Lateral Plains. And as such he will retain his now famous title of “Nerd Herder”.

The company remains firmly committed to it’s home base in Ballarat and the Central Highlands, and to its long association with Federation University Australia’s Technology Parks.


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