Hi All,

gf2As the Nerd Herder and resident Old Guy of the expanded Lateral Plains family, its always exciting to see new blood, new ideas and new thinking. Since Lateral Plains and Eureka ICT have come together as one, some magic has happened and there is a sense of excitement and anticipation as to the next chapter for us all. And one of the most important things? Its a lot of fun. 

Of course with growth, come growing pains. A new office is in development yet but its not quite there as of the time of writing! So at the moment, our entire crew are working out of three office suites in Ballarat Technology Park Central, 2 of them upstairs and one downstairs. You'll find us here and we're accessible from 9 - 5 on weekdays. Whilst we are running up and down stairs a lot and clients are still coming in and out as always, its been a great start to the new expanded operation, both in terms of the teamwork but also in terms of the significant growth of our services and products. We've pooled what must be one of the most unique collection of technical skillsets and technical enthusiasts (Nerds if you like) in the region.

But none of us have lost sight of the fact that anything and everything we do has a human outcome, and we remain firmly focussed on that.

Good things come to those who are patient and we're pleased to be planning the move into the 'N' Building of the Flecknoe Building in Albert Street. The whole precinct has become Tech and Innovation Central in the region, and we are about to join the community there. As a binding fabric of it all, the precinct is integrated into the environs of Federation University Australia. The lines between research and exploration, commercial endeavour, learning and applying, will quickly blur as the communities on the precinct start clustering and collaborating. There is literally a creative and innovative revolution happening in the region. Smart people are coming together and working in ways not seen before.

The precinct currently houses:

Ballarat Technical School - https://ballarattechschool.vic.edu.au/

Ballarat Hackerspace - https://ballarathackerspace.org.au/

Runway Ballarat - https://runwayhq.co/ballarat/

 ... and it's about to house us :-) 


Here are some preliminary views:



Whether you have been a Lateral Plains client or a Eureka ICT client, you will still benefit from the same expert and caring team members you've dealt with in the past. But significantly you'll all have access to so much more in terms of services and expertise. And one thing that will not change is that we promise always to keep things as simple and plain English as we can.  We'll be posting up regular updates on our process with the Big Move and we are very much looking forward to welcoming you to our new Home in Albert St :-)




Nerd Herder @l Lateral Plains