Barbara Fong - Celebrating International Womens' Day 2017 tribute

At Lateral Plains we’d like to add our voice worthy celebration of women and their achievements on this International Women’s Day 2017.  Too many true business heroes remain unsung heroes. so we would like to pay tribute to one of our most loved team members, Barbara Fong.

Barbara is co-founder, financial controller, business manager and business innovator of our organisation. Whilst a lot of our work gets publicity in the ICT fields, behind the scenes, Barbara has dedicated herself to ensuring that we have a sound business and financial base off which to work. She is the voice of client relations and her innovation and entrepreneurial spirit and expertise have ensured that we have had a sustainable and flexible business structure to allow us to innovate, grow and stay relevant in a fast changing industry.

Few will be aware that Barbara was also one of the four founding members of NetConnect Communications, one of Regional Australia’s first Internet Service Providers She was also executive officer of the Ballarat Regional Multicultural Council at a time when the organisation successfully negotiated with the Federal Government to settle 10 refugee families into Ballarat. She was an essential part of a team that was pivotal in getting these families settled and is still recognised by many of those who have remained in Ballarat.

Barbara continues to be the mainstay of Lateral Plains and continues on as a mentor and leader to the team here.

Happy International Womens’ Day Barbara, from the grateful and appreciative Nerds at Lateral Plains.

8th March 2017 - International Womens' Day