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George Fong – Nerd Herder BA (CNAA) Law (Hons), Barrister-at Law, Lincoln's Inn (UK), Advocate and Solicitor, Supreme Court of Singapore.

George is Executive Director at Lateral Plains, or more fondly known as the 'nerd herder'.


After practicing shipping and admiralty law in Singapore, George moved to Australia in 1987 to lecture at The University of Ballarat. 

He co-founded NetConnect Communications in 1994, one of the first regional ISPs in Australia and has over 20 years of IT experience in teaching, management and consultancy, focusing on regional telecommunications. 

George regularly presents on regional IT issues in print and broadcast media. 

He is also immediete past Chair of Internet Australia immediate past Chair of the Board for the Ballarat Health Services Foundation (Chair 2010-2013), Deputy Chancellor of Federation University Australia, Chair of Central Highlands Regional Partnership, blah blah blah. 

George likes riding motorcycles that are too big and fast for him and would you believe he likes surfing the 'Net'.

"Some say I invented the internet. Some may be slightly exaggerating. But its true I didn't break it"

Barbara Fong

Barbara Fong - Nerd Counter

Barbara keeps the herd in line, even the 'nerd herder' himself... She keeps the cogs turning in the office.


Born in Malaysia and qualified as a company administrator in United Kingdom, Barbara moved to Australia (from Singapore) in 1997 with her husband George. She and her husband co-founded the start up of NetConnect Communications (now part of TPG Internet), one of the first Regional Internet Service Providers in Australia. Babara has two sons and two cats, who regularly allow her to practice her 'team management' skills. She is also a mean cook and champagne drinker and sharer.

"I'm Barb and I have a big nerf gun. No one messes with me."


Luke Fong - High Octane Boss Nerd 

Luke is the technical specialist and CEO at Lateral Plains. He's the go to guy for troubleshooting your IT issues and is now in charge of the Lateral Plains Nerd Herd. 

He comes with significant experience having worked as a technical specialist and change manager for IBM in 2008. Here he worked with large corporate clients - Westpac, Medicare, Myer and Victoria Police. Following this, Luke was a service desk analyst at Newcrest Mining Limited.

Luke loves computers and the mechanics behind why things work a certain way, this is where his other love of Karting comes from and he is regularly seen pulling motors apart or tearing around tracks. he may be in charge but he still has gear in George's shed and Barb still brings him and the crew Italian Chicken and other cool food. Just sayin'

"The one thing I can guarantee I'll help with is speeding things up!"

Yoo Jin Germaine

Yoo Jin (yes that's a space) Germaine - Nerdiac BA Information Technology, University of Ballarat.

Yoo Jin is the resident computer surgeon at Lateral Plains. He sits in front of way too many computer screens, for way too long, looking at way too many lines of code.


Growing up in several different countries before settling in Australia in 1998, Yoo Jin has a number of years of experience in IT and computing, from the DOS command line all the way up to Windows 8 as well as GNU/Linux. Yoo Jin joined the Lateral Plains team in 2009, beginning as a junior technician and moving up all the way to lead systems administrator. Yoo Jin's love of reading complicated information and multi-tasking also transfers into the world of music and he also works as a music teacher - teaching guitar, violin, keyboard and bass guitar.

"Two monitors just isn't enough, because more is better!"


David Fong - Nerdist, Twitch Associate.

David is the artist of the group. He sits somewhere between nerd and creative.

David designs the attractive part of the website that everyone sees, the frontend. He is currently in his second year of a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Graphic Design and works with clients to develop attractive and functional websites, to speak their brand. In his spare time he enjoys listening to music and to pay hommage to his inner nerd he also plays video games. And he is a world renouned Twitch presenter. Because he never sleeps ......

"Who keeps editing my quote to say things that make me look silly?"


James "Wally the Walrus" Wallis - Fixererer of Things and Stuff

James has worked in various areas of IBM including; organising Road Traffic Authority computer roll out, System administrator for Suncorp, and has worked with large corporate clients such as Westpac, Myer, Victoria Police, Energy Australia and Telstra, Assisting in the tranistion of the Telstra Logistics helpdesk from Malaysia to Ballarat. And he still hasn't proposed to Jess.

"Before we start, can I get everyone a coffee?"


Simon Hatcher - Nerdist in training!

Simon started out working for IBM on the helpdesk then moved up to SPMS handling software distribution for major clients. He then moved onto Highview College as a Technician/ Help Desk role dealing with both students and staff issues from day to day as well as assisting the Network Manager with the operation of the IT infrastructure. Simon is disciplined and organised, knows how to work the coffee machine ... 

"Its always fixable ... just try not to break it again"